2014 YZ250f or 2014 CRF250R? Help

Hi guys

I currently have a 13 rmz250 and wanting to upgrade

Don't get me wrong I love my rmz but its not built tough enough, I manly race enduro so it takes a bashing every time I race, Currently I have done 16 hours on it and It looks in worse condition than my 100 hours 11' yz250f, Plus suspension and high speed stability isn't to good which is a must in enduro when all there is sand woops...

The main things I want in a bike is durability and it will last more than 1 season of racing, I don't want to have to buy a bike every year, I work on my Family's apple orchard were I work my ass off so I don't like wasting money when I dont need to

I will never buy a 2 stroke haha even tho it would probably be the best option but they don't suit my riding style

The things I want in a bike is

Good suspension

Turns easily

Stable and high speed

Reliable and Durable

Please help guys give me your opinion on which bike would suit me best even if it isn't the 14 crf or yzf (has to be 250 4 stroke)


The Yamaha has a reputation for Reliability

They are both new bikes and I haven't seen any write ups other than "I rode the bike for an hour and it seemed really good." I think the Yamaha will come out a little later than the rest of the 2014 bikes. Yamaha does have a good reputation for reliability. Personally, I was kind of looking at the KX250f because of it's stock power and the fact that it's not a first year brand new bike. But, if I had to pick between the Yamaha and the Honda I would go with the Yamaha because they definitely took years to come up with this design, I love that you can change the air filter from that compartment in the front seat, that front seat allows you to get way forward on turns, that design with the air coming straight into the engine and exhaust out the back is probably good for some HP increase so it might be 40+ stock too, and it's only got 1 exhaust pipe rather than the 2. Although I think changing out exhaust on either bike will might be a pain because they are both different than the normal bike.

I have heard that the yz250f now has the engine slanted backwards like the yz450f has since 2010 (correct me if I'm wrong.) but I have herd this design is not proven yet and it has some major flaws in handling. The worst thing in handling is it is very hard to control in corners. The only thing that would concern me about the crf 250 is that try went back to dual mufflers and I don't know how the handling would be most likely better though because the weight from the mufflers is equally distributed. Instead of having one big one on the right side. I have had rock solid experiences with both brands my honda crf 100f yes I know trail bike air cooled was rock solid no maintenance required. My yamaha Is what I have right now a yz 125 an it has been a very nice bike for a moto bike it has only needed a new chain and sprockets exaust rings and clutch cable oh yea and a new rear tire but I just got it earlier this year and have never real raced it only with my friends and bro on my track and my friends track. Good luck with either


Yeah I do like how the air filter is at the front it will make air filter changes a lot easier

In some of the magazines the test riders were saying that the stock yz250f exhaust sounds like a race exhaust is on it so it seems like they don't think the Yamaha will need a new exhaust

Honda and Yamaha rider

That is the only reason I won't buy a yz250f is cause of the bad wrap of the yz450f :/ I'd hate to buy a yz250f and discover the front end didn't feel planted, One good thing about my rmz250 it turns corners easily

And the slanted back engine doesn't sit we'll with me....

I'd wait for the  tests to come out and see what they say about the YZ250f. From what I have read and heard Ping say on Pulp the '14 YZ450f is better than the '10 to' 13 and they have moved in the right direction in addressing the handling issues of that bike. I wonder if it was the frame geometry of the '10 to '13 bikes more than the rear slanted engine. In the past Yamaha has a good reputation for reliability so as long as they didn't screw up the handling that may be the way to go.

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