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XT 250 1989 SOHC

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G'day all, 
I'm new to this forum,

I just bought a 1989 XT 250 but I cant find workshop manuals any where on the internet for an xt of this year accept the dohc models. 

Does any one know what I can do to narrow the search? 

I can't find any info about them at all. It looks just like the early 80's ones but the vin etc says it's 89'?!

I need the cam timing and valve clearances etc.... 

Any and all help appreciated!!!! 


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it could be a tt250.  we did not have an xt250 in those years over here.   could also use the timberwolf 250cc Yamaha quad for specs as the barrel and head where the same or the warrior quad but that was a 350 but used the same cam as the 250.

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