New rider

Just bought a 09 rmz450 for my first bike. I'm 33 and didn't want to have to upgrade in six months. Any advice for me starting out. I'm super keen but have no idea what I'm doing. I've read a lot about tuning the suspension to your weight. I'm about 85 kilos. Not sure how many pounds that is. Can you do this yourself or is it a shop job? So excited I feel like a little kid again. Yeeewww!!!

Set the clickers back to stock, set your sag, go ride! Enjoy :ride:

You can do it yourself. As Rotaholic mentioned. Set your clickers to stock, and go ride. Get used to the bike and then worry about detailed tuning down the road. You are about 188lbs so you should be able to find a pretty good setting with the stock suspension since you are right around the sweet spot for the RMZ suspension.

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