Split my case and got dirt in the bearings

Got a little too excited and opened the motor up before cleaning it thoroughly.  Then I washed the two halves with soap and water which got the dirt particles where they don't belong.   :banghead:


I was already planning on replacing my crank bearings, but a few of the other bearings are no longer turning smoothly.


My initial thought was that I'm screwed and need to replace all the bearings, but then I thought maybe there's a proper way to clean them up.


Does anybody have any suggestions?  Or was my initial thought correct?





To prevent the chance of bearing failure dont cheap out do the bearings

Youll never get it all out, replace them

How about taking them to a shop that has an ultra sonic parts cleaner?

How about taking them to a shop that has an ultra sonic parts cleaner?

What does that cost????? I know what new bearings would cost = peace of mind!!


If the bearings go you'll spend more in repair that damage plus bearings than it would cost to just redo the bearings now

I agree. Its about 8 bearings. I don't imagine it'll be more than $70 for them. Possibly less if I can find matching bearing from my local bearing supply shop.

Spray everything out with a can or 2 of gunk, or your favorite brand of spray carb cleaner from Auto Zone.

Next, spray your cases inner and outer including the bearings, with MR clean or your favorite brand of degreaser, and rinse with a pressure washer or high pressure hose.

If you don't have a pressure washer you can bring everything to your local self service car wash. Aim the high pressure spray right into the bearings and spray. 

Place the cases in a preheated 170 deg heated oven till dry. around 15min is usually good.  

After everything is dry lube all your bearings with 10-40 motor oil or trans oil.

You should be good to go.


All in all a little bit of foreign matter isn't really going to kill your bearings.

Between the metal and clutch particles floating around your trans oil, this is just another day on the job in the life of trans bearings.

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