Remove Kill Switch

Hi, I have a kill switch wire on my '81 XT500 that has been damaged, with the wire exposed a bit, right under the throttle housing. I've taped it off before, with success, but I need to know how to remove it entirely.  I was following my Clymer manual to adjust the cam chain and then the valves - it says to do them successively, and you'll only have to remove the crankcase cover once. After adjusting the chain tensioner, it says to start it and make sure the plunger inside the adjustment nut on the cam chain tensioner is moving slightly - .5mm.  I went to start it, and no spark.  I can't think of what I might have done in this procedure to lose the spark, but I'd like to eliminate the kill switch as a possibility.


Follow the wire, there should be a connector somewhere, disconnect it to eliminate the possibility. Once the bike is running, plug it back in, if it shuts off, then you know the kill switch is stuck or shorted.

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