xr600 bash plate?

Hi guys

Just wanting to know if people are overheating with a full bash plate On? Should I drill holes in mine or get a stock One?

I still own an xr600r, the stocker has vent holes already. I added more myself . More airflow the merrier ,,,,but dont weaken it to point of failure when aluminum meets rock.....

Oil cooler, cheap and easy. Even an AutoZone aux tranny cooler will work, comes with everything. Just need to find a safe location for it. I put mine above the headers on front of frame. Just had to trim the back of my fender.

Is an oil cooler necessary? On my old xr600 I just had the stock bash plate which us just a bit Off tubing but my new xr600 has a full bash plate with no holes just wondering if I am going to overheat

You can cut or drill holes to let air pass through, i dont think thatll contribute too much to overheating, i could be wrong. Depending how big it is, but it's all cooled by oil and oil is all through your frame getting air past it to cool and being brought in through the bottom of the motor already cooled, which is why alot of us run oil coolers cause it lowers temps that much more before going back to your motor. Maybe not necessary in your environment. Read up on it though, the testimonies sold me on it.

Also i think my overheating worries lie more in the top end. Oil flow is critical here. As well as making sure your cylinder fins stay clear of mud and what not. Besides that, dont run too lean.

What does a oil cooler cost and how hard to fit?

Should I get some kind of temperature gauge first?

What does a oil cooler cost and how hard to fit?

Should I get some kind of temperature gauge first?

there are complete kits u can get, and also u can get an dip stick temp gauge

The oil coolers range in price cause size and fin/row numbers. I used a Lockhart from a harley sportster and its about 8"x3". I paid $30, craigslist sale. Bought a cheap AutoZone stainless braided hose and clamp set for $20. My vans tranny cooler was big like 18" and i bought the kit at autozone for like $20. If you can find one smaller. But an in and out nipple is all you need. Cut that oil tube behind the front frame and plumb into it. Easy job.

The xrs only temp gauge dipstick is a must and it was $40 or so. Everyone who has it loves it.

they have been backordered on that temp dipstick for months 


I wanted to  get ose so I could see before and after my cooler is put on

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