Dirtbike catalogs

Do you guys know of any dirt bike catalogs all the ones i used to get stopped coming and i need new boots and gear but i don't have any catalogs and i hate shopping online

I'd like to know this too. Ill shop online, but still like having catalogs to look through too.

Order a free one through Motosport. I'm pretty sure they're free, they used to be at least.

tag for outcome

They don't have catalogs anymore i emailed them several times and they keep saying there not delivering catalogs at this time it seems like every where stopped making catalogs

Dennis kirk

I tryed Dennis kirk to and same deal

I know Motosport has good deals right now bc i just got a catalog yesterday  :jawdrop:

Dennis Kirk no longer has paper catalogs.  You can request one on CD-ROM.  I had one of those last year and it was a pain in the ass to use.  I think eventually, there will be no more paper catalogs from anyone.

Ya and i think that days coming sooner than later and it sucks cause I'm not a computer guy all i have is an iPhone and shopping on an iPhone sucks haha

The paper Dennis Kirk catalog was actually the easiest method to use.  They even requested customer comments on their "new" CD-ROM catalog.  I told them, not that MY comment would make any difference, that it stunk.

So after enough emails to motosport they finally sent me a catalog but its about a quarter of the size of the old ones but its better than nothin i guess haha

Everything is paperless.

Which I personally think is stupid. People forget names unless they stare at the catalog on the coffee table or work bench.

Makes good reading on the toilet too.



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