Need Hussy advice and info on year differences for 550

Hi all I could sure use some advise regarding my upcoming purchase decision.


Got a choice of buying a 2007 Husaberg 550 dual purpose with 4500km  or a 2008 (same bike) with 6000k for $500 more. The 2008 has a aftermarket pipe but it has no ignition key, it has a push button start which I don't like so much because its too easy to steal. Seller told me you can buy the ignition setup, I haven't seen any advertised on any Husaberg part sites though.


I am wondering if there are significant differences to warrant the extra money for the 08 versus the 07.


I also have a chance to buy a 09 570 for $1000 more than the 2008 s which is a little more than I wanted to spend but maybe it's worth it??


I imagine having fuel injection is really nice.


Opinions/info would sure help me out, in making the best choice.  


Thx Paul

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You will find the 09 to be a MUCH better bike , the 08 and below bergs have reliability issues . But they are great to ride .

I was a member on for 2 years and owned a FE650 berg .

Thx for the response, is there any difference between the 07 and 08 550?

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