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2011 RMZ 250 Fork Valving

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Today i was putting in a set of compression gold valves into my friends 2011 RMZ250f but upon fitment we found that we had been sent the 35mm pistons as opposed to the 34 that is needed due to a muck up in the labeling, so they are getting sent back. What i was wondering was if anyone could help me with a compression stack setting to put back in to the fork now, seeing as we have pulled it apart this far may aswell change it. I have a fair bit of experience fitting gold valves but ive always just used racetechs settings and never played with the standard piston. My friend is around 85kg (167lb) and an intermediate rider and to him the fork feels quite stiff and harsh. The racetech stacks are fairly different from the standard ones from what ive seen so im not really sure where to start. Any information or recommendations will be greatly appreciated 


Standard valving


30.1 - 22

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Pull 2 or 3 of the 30.1 shims. Put the 20.1 after the 26. This is a 2 stage stack. It will soften it very much. If you Dont want to go that extreme, just remove 1 or 2 of the big shims and pull the 15.2. Clamping to the thinner 16.1 will flex more than the 15.2. Just gotta try stuff,but you have to know if its a high speed or low speed issue.

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