2001 yz250f not starting? Not getting gas to the spark plug?

My 2001 yz250f is not starting I've tried everything and still nothing it has an auto Decompressor in the kickstart so I know that's not the problem it's not getting any gas to the spark plug period and I've checked the jets and there fine and clean I've tried to bump start and still wouldn't start checked the valves and there fine any ideas what's wrong with it? I'm stressing out trying to figure out what's wrong with it

I'm not much of an engine guy and I'm sure the experts will eventually chime in here to assist you. You already know that it's a fuel issue. That's half the battle. My guess is the carb jets are dirty/clogged. I know that sometimes just doing a thorough clean of the carb and jets won't cut it and basically some of the finer bore jets need to be replaced.




Bill D

Hate to ask a dumb questions, but does the sparkplug produce a spark?  Does fuel flow from the petcock through the fuel line that goes to the carb freely, is your air filter clean and are you sure the jets are clear?  Is the gas in the bike fresh?  Just trying to collect information for the technical guys because this is likely what they will ask and the more they know the quicker you can have your bike going again! :thumbsup:

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Has spark, air filter is clean, jets are clean, it's getting gas to the carb but not to the intake or spark plug and it had fresh gas so idk what's the problem

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