Carburetor leaking

So now its leaking gas out the overflow tube . Any help? Maybe the floats stuck?

Yup, float stuck or debris in the float needle valve or you adjusted the float and set it too high.

Haven't adjusted it at all .. so it must b something restricting it . thanks

Is that a total rebuild? Or just a clean

May be nothing more needed than a rap on the side of the float bowl with the plastice handle of a screw sriver to unstick it or just a float bowl removal and wipe out.

Nice! I was hoping so, appreciate the help, thanks again

Yep i wouldnt play with float hieght. Not sure why so many people suggest that. Float may be stuck, more likely particulate suck in needle/seat. Also check needle for a wear ring. If its worn spend the 40 bucks and replace. If its particulate and lots in bowl you may want to clean fuel system.

Yeah Im not gonn

Oops, yeah. Not gonna mess with that yet ..but I will check that needle n seat, thanks

So I took the carb off, cleaned the jets, float n needles ...looked at the spark plug again and it looked fouled so I cleaned it off then put it back in and the carburetor and the bike all back together . Fired it up started and idled fine, rode about a block hit every gear fine stopped and took off again and it started cracking and sputtering. Sounds to me like a fouled plug again? Could it possibly be my coil wire? Or try a new spark plug? Or may my air oil mixture screw be set wrong? To me something is making it run either to rich or to lean? Any advice? Please help haha thanks! ??!

If you just turn your fuel on and let the bike sit for a few mins does your carb leak again? If you turn fuel on and fire up and ride it wouldnt start overfilling for a min or 2 so it would run fine at first. Was your carb clean? Is your gass good?

It was leaking before, but after we took it off it stopped, but that was exactly wat it was doing..and the carb looked pretty clean nice n shiny all the brass n jets were clear. N I got 91 octane yesterday

Now that your carb is squared away, it appears you have mechanical issues. Those would best be resolved in the proper bike specific forum.

Well now im confused again, it wasn't leaking last night it is out the overflow tube again? This is irritating im gonna have to have someone look at it I guess

So if it leaks out the overflow its still in the carburetor somewhere correct?? Sorry if im annoying im new at this! Lol help please thanks

What does it sound like when the valves are out of adjustment?

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