Plz help.. 2001 KTM 65 clutch issue..

I know this has been addressed many times but I didn't find anything that could help me. I have a 2001 KTM 65 I bought for my son and discovered after his 5th time out riding, the clutch was acting up. On a cold start when he pulls the clutch in and shifts into 1st gear the motor dies. After the motor warms up and after a few times of putting it into gear it seems to shift into 1st without stalling the motor. The clutch cable is adjusted as far out as it can go. Does this mean my clutch needs to be replaced..? 


I should get a service manual but before I start disassembling will I have to drain the antifreeze and the trans fluid..? Or can I drain the trans and pull the clutch cover off with the water pump and hoses attached without losing antifreeze..? I need to know this incase I need to order additional gaskets. Soaking and changing the friction plates are an easy job but would any of you know the torque specs for the clutch springs..? Thx 



The guy I bought this bike from said the bike sat for 2 years. I drained the trans oil and it wasn't milky or nothing just a little brown.  Could the clutch just be sticking..? He was out 5 time with the bike but only 5 mins per run. If someone has had this issue plz reply back with your experience. I don't want to tear into it if I don't have too. Thx 

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