What to do... New to me 07 R

Hi everyone new to the forums here, found it very useful during my Google searches so I decided to join. Little about me I'm 29 years old, rode sport quads for 11 years my last being a 07 Trx450ER. Sold the quad in summer of 2011 and regretted it ever since... loved to ride and be outdoors!

Well got the bug pretty bad this year and don't have a lot of cash but I did work a deal with a guy on craigslist to trade for his dirtbike, so I'm now the owner of a 2007 CRF450R!!! Needless to say I love this thing! it is my first dirtbike but I respect it for the beast it is and I'm taking baby steps in the learning to ride a dirt bike process :-P also been reading a lot about it as its quite different from its quad cousin...

The bike itself is in awesome shape. Really really clean with non scratched plastics, has street legal kit in it from BD, kickstand works connection radiator supports and a few other doodads. When I got it it had less then 50 hrs right around 45, I've now out around 5 hrs on it. My question is this... I know from my quad that the 450 motor is a loud motor, sound blown up IMO from the day I picked it up LOL, but I haven't been around it for awhike and I'm worried my CRF motor maybe a bit to loud... PO of bike did trail riding and rode to work a cpl times a month. I didn't see any metal when I did an oil change, and the oil didn't look terrible on either side. Should I tear into the motor and see what's up or finish riding for the year? thinking was if I did pull the motor I'd have it down awhile ect to rebuild(need get part money around) and make sure its right and it'd prolly end up being past riding season when I was done. How do I know if its too loud? Thanks in advance.

Maybe your exhaust just needs repacking do you have an oem exhaust I have what I think is an fmf slip on and that thing is loud as hell too thinking about going back to stock

Adjust valve clearances

Re pack exhaust

Silicone the bottom of the swingarm rub strip to quiet the chain slap

Wear ear plugs


The motors are noisy.

No its def the motor that's noisy I have the stock exhaust...

Krannie is prolly right. just don't want to grenade the thing... I got to know the motor noise well when I had the quad, but that was 2 years ago and that was a detuned 450 vs this beast in the dirtbike. Just paranoia I guess, no other 450s around to compare too.

if it's got the stock muffler, it's likely never been repacked. I love the LeoVince mufflers. a few allen head bolts, pull apart, slide in new packing that is on a cardboard tube for easy instal, pull the cardboard tube out, bolt back together. Done. The factory LeoVInce packing lasts a LONG time too. Repacks are like $25 or so to your door from LV


EAR PLUGS, yes. Totally agree. If anyone is riding without.. start wearing em, regardless of the bike you ride. 2t or 4t.

Yeah , check valve clearances and grease the steering head , swing arm and linkages

Thanks guys think my next days off ill pull valve cover and do what you recommended. thanks I do feel better!

Rod bearing? As stated above, check clearances on valves. Also, make sure the chain isn't stretched or slapping. Make sure header and exhaust are tied down correctly, and any exhaust gaskets are intact.

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