Rear Fender for '04 DRZ125?

Hey guys,


Anyone know of an affordable place to buy a rear fender for a '04 DRZ125? My local dealer quoted me $70, online does not show much better pricing.


A few ebay ads indicate the DRZ/KLX 110 fender fits, anyone know if that is correct?


Its much cheaper, although the only color I saw advertised is black and I'd much rather stay with yellow.





Will a rear fender from a 250 work? I have one from my drz250 I'll sell ya cheap.

Don't know, but thanks anyway.


I was kinda hoping some of the more knowledgeable 125 guys might know if there were any alternatives for fitment.

Well, if you change your mind,lemme know. I'm not using it, don't plan on it anyway, so if you pay for shipping, I'll just give it to you. KCCO

Btw, it's off an 03 model.

Thanks man, kind of you to offer. I'll hold off for now though. -Ed

I don't believe a 110 fender will fit. Buying a used one is going to be about the only way to beat that price. No aftermarket companys make one so your kinda stuck

A 110 fender will definitely not fit. That's a 110 I'm the pic, you can see the difference. although, an RM85 fender may be a good shot. Idk if it'll work, but it's like 20 bucks, so nbd.


More good info. Thanks guys.


I think I'm going to see if I can rig the old fender, then see what I can find that will fit. If I come up with anyone thing decent, I'll report back.

anyone find any better alternative? Im in the same boat i cracked my rear fender this past weekend and money is tied up into other things.

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