Fuel Filters - 2010 390 FE

How many fuel filters/screens are on this bike?

In the tank I know there is a screen and inline filter off the pump. I think I might replace with a Golan...

Is there a filter anywhere else?

On the throttle body?

There is inline choke between the tank and throttle body allowing for the tank to be removed, it doesnt appear there is a filter here?

Looks like a third filter was put in the throttle body in the 2012 (Australian models ) and yours only has a screen on the pump then the inline filter.

What's the issue ??

Throttle response isn't there. If I roll it on slow there isn't an issue. Also seems to sputter/backfire at higher rpms..

Its my guess its an issue with the injector. Plan to replace the inline and run some pj1 injector cleaner through it to see where I end up.

Open to thoughts on other potential causes..

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