Honda Crf150f Fair price?

Hey guys, I'm looking at at a couple Crf150f's and there are two that I'm inquiring about. One is a 03 and the other and 04, both look good condition but the 04 looks a bit cleaner. They gut with 04 lives an hour away and is asking 1600 and the 03 lives 30 min away and asking 1500. What do you think?






I bought an 05 crf 150 for 400 dollars. Scanned the VIN number and it wasnt stolen or anything and I got the title. It is in good condition to.

How old are you or how old is the person who is going to be riding the bike and what is their weight and height and what is there riding going to be but both of these seem over priced. I would wait till the off season or in the spring when people are cleaning out the garage and are thinking if I sell this ill get some money or the wide says you gotta get rid of this now and usually when one of those two things goes on they sell them for cheap. Good luck.

KBB retail lists the 2003 at $1235 USD and the 2004 at $1280 USD. Your area and currency may be different. I would start either at $900 and work up from there.

I live in Toronto, Ontario and things here are generally more expensive :( I am 6" and 175lb I will use this bike for trail riding with my brother who has a ttr250. I would get a 250 but can't afford it right now. I to think they are over priced but every other bike on kijiji is going for $2000 and up

Look for a crf 230 or ttr 230 both good beginner bikes not to be mean or anything but your way to big to ride a 150

Don't offer 900 unless you want to offend the seller. Man I hate when people offer almost half of what I'm asking. Offer 1400 for the 04 and bring it home, end of story. 

A 2003/04 CRF150F in good shape is worth $1500 or so.  Around here the only one you could get for $900 would be one that's in pretty bad condition and would require work to get running well.

i would price out the 230's, might as well


the 150 is a really an in between bike, most people hade a 100 and then went 2 strokes or 230/250 and skipped the 150f


ride it for a year and save up for the 250, personally i would scour the ads for the 250 you want and pounce when the price is right

The crf150 is way to small for you!

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