Lost a wire plug but dont want to buy entire harness

Today mid moto one of the wires on the right side of my bike came lose mid moto and eventually i ended up pulling the plastic pug off which killed my bike and my moto, the wires are completely fine but i cant find any information on where to buy just the plastic plug. I really dont need the entire wiring harness, does anybody know how to help me??? 

Just buy male and female connectors from auto or electronic store and crimp of solder them on the wires. If its multiple wires just color coordinate or get a plug with multi connectors. Easy to fix.

You talking about the coupler? Map plugs?

no its just behind the right radiator the reason i unplugged it was it was dangling outside my shroud and i didnt wanna slow down or anything to get out of the way because i was off to a good start lol

Oh yeah what he said then.

I have a good wiring harness for sale that fits RMZ 250 2010-2012 repairing the wiring harness could affect the resistance and impede the performance of the bike 

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