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Two stroke vs four stroke.

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Looking into sticking with two strokes ( 125) or upgrading to a four stroke (250f)

my main concerns with four strokes (250f)

1.huge money cost if you blow up the engine you are pretty much done with dirtbiking.

2. Adjusting and replacing valves all the time.

3. Huge cost if the engine blows up.

4. Having to change the oil and air filter all the time

5. Did I mention the engine blowing up will cost a lot.

6. If something does brake in the engine ie. piston rings valves etc. it's gonna cost a lot more than a two stroke.

7. More heavy and less maneuverable than its two stroke counter parts (125)

So just how much does this happen and how much do you actually have to do maintenance on these torque driving machines. Are they worth the extra hassle for that extra torque and smoothness of power?

Concerns about two strokes (125)

1. You always have to keep them on the throttle if you going hard core racing.

2. You have to mix gas before you ride. Which kinda sucks.

3. There power is very snappy and very wide spread.

4. There is really no more advancements being made to the engine or the overall bike.

5. There are only a couple companies that still make competitive 125s yamaha , husky , and ktm .

6. Since your always on the throttle your going through way more top ends and way more tires, chains , sprockets etc.

7. Also has is more expensive with these bikes because you go through more faster than four strokes and you have to mix the gas with oil every time you fill up which costs money.

8. Oil gets everywhere from the exhaust

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You who know's more behind making a competitive bike then anyone else? YOU.


If you're serious about racing and want to be competitive, learn to ride and have the bike set up. No bike off the showroom floor or craigslist is going to be "competitive" at all compared to one set up for you. Get a 125, do a 144 with some porting and have the suspension set up and you'll have no problem with stock 250f's all day, any day. 250f's aren't worth the thousands extra it cost to maintain and run them, what do you get, MAYBE a second or two in lap time difference? You're not going pro, might as well have a cheap, fun bike that you can ride for years. I was no faster on a 250f and I found it felt top heavy compared to the 144 I upgraded to. 

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I think you answered your own question. Your 14 not working still in somewhat of a beginner stage of riding. Keep your 125 it's a great bike. Put a little bit of money into it. Suspension being your first step. Buy a few different rear sprockets to try out. If you're having trouble on those tight tracks and in the woods, buy a sprocket 1 or 2 teeth more than stock. Four strokes aren't worth it if you're not racing hard core as you say.

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If you already have a YZ125 why would you go out and buy another one just for the suspension? Send the front and rear out to a shop. Get it set to your weight and everything else. Save yourself a lot of money.

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