2012 250 XCF-W

My wife's bike. I like to think I know my way around bikes, been doin it forever and do my own maintenance etc. Was out riding this weekend (100 miles of mostly st) and the bikes were awesome. At the end of the second day, her bike started "ticking" or "tapping" pretty noisily. Bike has about 30 hrs. on it, been maintained and valve clearances checked religiosly. Any thoughts as to what the actual problem may be" Nursed it back to camp, still starts right up, no weird lookin oil, had plenty of fluid in it, has a dirt tricks chain tensioner blah blah blah. Seems like this is coming from the top end. Any inherent issues that anyone can think of? I seem to recall something about the timing chain guide on this being problematic. Any thought would be appreciated. G

Edited by 2012 450 xc-w

Sounds like the cam chain tensioner is not working correctly.  This is a common problem and can be rectified by replacing the stock unit with one from Dirt Tricks.

Dirt Tricks tensioner went in around 15 hours.

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