Tall Wr foam vs YZ seat tank combo

Just wondering if anyone has done tall foam on the WR. Has to be better than stock. Seat/tank seems to be the way to go, but wondered if anyone has done just a tall foam?

I've got the guts tall foam with the WR tank and I've also got the YZ seat/tank combo. I prefer the extra tank capacity and softer seat with the WR setup over the YZ combo. The taller foam flattens out the seat considerably. The ergo's of the YZ setup is still better for mx, but for desert and dual sport the stock WR tank and tall seat is nice.


Great colour match Brad. My high seat isn't as pretty but a local guy made it for $35 au. I made up a set of bar risers to go with it and lowered the pegs a little./ The 98 model needed the bars set forward anyway. The extra foam does improve comfort but more importantly this set up suits my gammy knee.

I haven't tried a yz tank.

I have a taller seat on my WR and I just ordered one for my new YZ. I got mine from Stroker and I wouldn't ride without it.


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