Diesel Engine Coolant in MX bike?

I'm curious if i can use Delo Extended Life coolant in my RMZ450. It literally says "Outstanding aluminum protection" right on the bottle.

Check out post #13 here where the guy mentions Delo ELC for diesels is different from DexCool. http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28812

What do you guys think about using this coolant?

There are a lot of coolant chemistries out there and IMO the safest advice is not to mix, which makes flushing important if changing coolant types or brands.  Also color is not an indicator of coolant compatability. Wet liner diesels have a special problem with liner perforation from coolant cavitation so the coolants have special additives not needed in other engines.


The best coolant is pure water but additives are needed to control acidity and prevent corrosion. The additives also provide freeze protection and slighly raise the boilng point, the biggest increase in boiling temp is from the pressure cap. 


Combustion products do get into the coolant and cause the coolant to go acid so frequent change and flush is more important than the type used. More info:



For charts comparing coolants:  http://www.eetcorp.com/antifreeze/Coolants_matrix.pdf


I run BMW antifreeze in my Montesa because I always have  some left over from a change, both engines are aluminum.  I use CAT ELC in my 12 liter CAT and use test strips to check Ph every six months.   I use distilled water from Walmart to flush and mix with the new antifreeze.

It will be fine-actually better for aluminum. Just don't mix it with the green stuff.

The bike currently has the green stuff in it. I'll get a big jug of distilled water and flush it completely before i throw the Chevron Delo ELC in there.


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