Crf150 runs for 10 minutes and shuts off

I have a 2006 crf150f and it recently started giving me problems. I was riding home and it started back firing and my first though was spark plug, changed the plug and it ran great for 10 minutes then died. I checked for spark and there was none. I cleaned up the grounds and charges the battery and it started and died again 10 minutes later with no spark. Checked the better and still had 12 volts. Once I charged it a bit the bike will run. Does any one know if this bike relies on the battery for spark? Would you recommend getting a new battery or would it be some mechanism in the bike that charges the battery and is not. Any suggestions or input would be great thanks

The bike has fuel in the tank and the fuel valve is turned on? The obvious is often overlooked. I didn't see where you checked for fuel.


Yeah it has a full tank and the fuel is turned on and when it does I know it gets fuel because when you try to start it again it floods itself.

Yeah it has a full tank and the fuel is turned on and when it does I know it gets fuel because when you try to start it again it floods itself.

If you can smell raw fuel at the tailpipe and the plug is wet with fuel, I'd look at the float valve and seat. If it's flooding that bad its washing the oil off the cylinder walls, and the oil is likely diluted with gas. You may have to change the oil after you repair the flooding issue. You may even have to squirt a small amount of motor oil into the cylinder to restore compression.

If you are certain it is flooding because you loose spark first, I'd follow the service manuals procedures for testing the ignition system components. If it starts cold easily and shuts off only after it gets warm/hot you may have an ignition system issue.


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You said it starts fine after charge? Maybe stator issue...? Bad coil? Check voltage after bike is started see if it goes up or goes down while bike is running... If battery remains charged rules that out. As for coil ohm meter across it should be pretty high.. Idk specs but cars coils are around 15k ohms..

In response to bad battery stopping it. Probably not.. usually batter's won't effect if the bike stays running a good way to test this would be take the battery leads off after it starts. If it dies. Bam! stator or wires are junk

A fully charged 12 volt battery should read somewhere around 13.2 volts or even a bit more. Since it runs after a charge, then dies some time later, the first thing I'd check is the bike's charging system.

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