05 crf450r stainless steel valves?

Ok so decided on getting a valve job. I'm looking around at kits but there's so many and why is it that most of them only come with the intake side? Should I only be doing my intake side if my exhaust is in spec? I think I've decided on the kibble white brand that seams to be what some ppl recommend in whatever little threads I've found. Does anyone recommend another brand or know of a site that sells a full kit? Thanx in advance.


get their intake kit.

Thanks. Why only the intake kit should I leave the exhaust side alone

The intake valves are not well matched (metal hardness) with the intake seats, and that is the reason for the valve problems.

The Exhaust valves don't have this problem, and usually last 4-6 times longer then the intakes.

The valve guides do wear, but again, not as fast.

The majority of all 'head jobs' are a complete upgrade of all intake parts, and using the original exhaust parts, only replacing what has gone out for spec.


For the intakes you can go  with one of several SS valve sets with stock re-ground seats, or upgraded Ti valves with upgraded CB seats.


I went with OEM Honda TRX intake parts and OEM Honda exhaust parts.


My valves have not needed adjustment through the last (2) pistons.

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