Father in law offered trade for my yz250f... NEED OPINIONS!

I bought a yz250f along time ago for cheap, its an 03 with alot of upgrades. My father in law recently purchased a yz450f 03 which looks very good and rides awesome! We do alot of play riding some open trails and some mx. The first time riding it he said HELL NO. he bought it without a test drive. He is 5'3 and has a very hard time on it especially starting it hot. My question is is it worth it? I hear so many people say they wish they never had gotten rid of the yz250f. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I put a pic up of the bike. I dont have one of mine worth showing. After all I use my bike alot and isnt the prettiest since I got it so cheap, but runs like a champ. Pros.. Cons..????

Trade him bikes, I have an 04 yz450f and my roomate an 03 yz250f and

What kind of riding do you do?? Any mods done to it for trail riding?

...the 450 is way faster but just as nimble to me. His is built up nice and very fast but will only pass me up in higher gears ( because 04 450s have 4 speed) when im geared low or too tired from trying to hang on! If the 450 runs as clean as it looks and has a 5 speed tranny its a good trade if you want more bike(50+ hp 450 vs 40+ hp 250) im not sure if the 03 had a hot start lever but mine does

No mods on mine but his 250 is built up nice and very fast, but just doesnt pull like a 450. We ride dunes in the summer and mixed trail/fireroads in the winter.

Im also a bigger guy 6'2" and my roomate is smaller but even he wants a 450 because of the power.

yeah his is just like yours, 4 speed but, the top speed on my 250 is only about 60 while his I wanna say is 70+ It pulled harder in every gear and likes to get that tire in the air ALOT. lol I was actually liking the four speed it felt like a good ratio. Do you do any trail riding? or just mx. I dont race but like hiting the jumps now and then.

you answered my question as I typed thank man for the input I was wantin to do the trade bt had to get some real oppinions, not the oh its bigger so better from people who dont ride.

Tbh I just got the 450 at the beginning of this year and haven't ridden true technical singletrack because have had a sand paddle on it for most of the time but for most trail riding i think it would do fine with maybe some gearing changes or a heavier flywheel for stalling in slower areas. For mx im sure theyre great thats what they were made for although ive yet to put mine on a track.

Well man.. I traded my baby away.. That 450 is just to clean to pass up. Thanks for the advice ill post some pics when I get the new graphics on it.

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