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oil leak/ overheat? please help

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I have a 2009 450 exc/45 hrs/1500 kms  pretty much 2-3rd gear ridng ,  it was about 28-30C this day I rode.....



So on the weekend I went out on a good hard xc ride for about 4 hrs. after a solid 2 hrs and a really hard climb I shut the bike off to wait for my buddies the bike would not start....for about 10 minutes or so.  Finally started up and I could hear the valves ticking loudly then they quieted up to sound normal.

I decided to head back home, not sure of the problem.  On the way home there was another big climb I had to do, at the top bike stopped and I  notice some oil leaking out of a couple different areas , very little.   once again a 10min or so no start.  finally started then got home, bike seemed fine on the way home.  got back home after a good day out, had a beer chilled out then after about 3 hrs or so tried to start the bike and see if it would start and no problem at all drive around the neighbourhood and bike seemed fine.................no more oil leaking.... ?  did the bike overheat? i'm buying the fan kit regardless,  or do I have worse problems?


please help


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