Sins new bike too much?

I picked up a mint Ktm sx65 for my sons 7th birthday. I'm hoping to start him racing next year with it. But my sons bike he has before is a crf50r with a big bore, full pipe, full suspension, all kinds if motor goodies for more power, and alot of other stuff including a tall seat and tall bars. He's a big 7 year old(turns 7 in the 14th.) he is 4 foot 7 inches(yes u know BIG kid) and only weigs 72lbs so he's skinny. He runs the 50 way to hard. But I got the 65 for his b-day and gave it to him early cuz we went to a track with a kids track and big open fields and caped thus weekend. He learned the clutch in the fields. And he did GREAT but he got very good.. And on the track he rode the child's track(4-10 then there's a teen track11-16 then an adult track 17- whatever) he got very good on the kids track. Like he was clearing every jump and was begging for more. I asked the staff if he could try the teen track and the staff got all terms off the track (only 1 kid running it) and let my boy try it.. He was doing good the first 2 laps( mostly rolling the bigger doubles like 20ft-40ft biggest is a 50footer) but he nailed the tables(cleared the biggest table with ease and it's a 35 footer) but he's afraid of the powerband.. He said he just gets it past the initial hit and runs it in that gear only( he said he was in 3rd going WO. But I'm not too sure what I could do to help him hit the doubles and get alright with this bike.. My 5 year old asked to take the 65 for a ride and I let him(1st gear) he ended up wheelying into the caper..(went about 60feet in a big wheelie in 1st gear before he smashed into the camper. But after he did that my 7 year old wouldn't get back on it or ride it? He says he's scared if the powerband. But he was doing so well and Havin a blast till that happens. Should I sell it and get him a 4. Stroke? If so what race 4t for kids that small? I thought a crf50 but hell his was way past what you could do to it and still wasnt good enough but I thought a xr/ crf80 with KX or Ktm 65 forks/ rear shock and swinger and wheels for disc brakes.

My son is 8, and much smaller tham your boy. I had a lot of trouble deciding what to get him after he outgrew his PW50. Since they stopped making the PW80, and all the other 2t mini bikes were going to be too powerful for him, I really wanted to get him a 2t, but more than that I really just wanted him to ride and feel comfortable. He was very skittish, and really got nervous when he rode. He liked it, but didn't love it.

I picked up a KLX 110 over Christmas for him and it's been perfect. Powerful enough that I can ride it, but mellow enough that he feels safe on it. He is now shifting gears on the fly, using front and back brakes and refuses my help unless he tips over (140lb bike vs 53 lb kid). He loves the 4 stroke, he's faster on it, and since he started riding it he wants to ride everyday.

I know this is a lot bigger of a bike and stuff but my brother has a 85cc and it makes him pull wheelies all the time ( he thinks its fun) but the truck too it like any other bike that is meant for racing especially when you coming out of the gate and for instance this guy is lean forward. Do you live on a farm or a piece of land. Because if you do you can have him ride in straight lines back and forth an have him hit the power band and have him get used to it. Or bring him to the track on the kids one where you claim it's very flat and do the same thing there except dont go back and fourth obviously. Just have him go around the track and urge him to hit the power band in the flater areas and teach him to lean forwards because out of his fear he's probably leaning back.. Also at the most recent race I have watched ( county fair) but they also hired a racing group. But his age looked to be around the other 65'ers like from 6-9 around where the ages Maybe a few younger and a few older and they had it pretty tough because the whole track was set up for the 85 250 and 450 classes so most of them were roiling over the stuff but there were a few that could jump them. I could not believe how fast these little kids were racing around the track though :wow. Also I have heard numerous times if you start on a two stroke ( competitive do like 65cc 85cc 125cc and 250cc) you are supposedly gonna be a better rider because it takes more skill and courage to ride one fast. But if you do keep the 65cc it's the only type of bike in its class. There are no fourstrokes in there class.

The classes go

1. Regular four stroke 50cc pw 50 and other more trail 50cc bikes

2. Fuel injected four stroke 50cc crf 50 ttr 50 ktm 50 sx more race ready 50cc bikes

3. This is a toss up about the classes but ill go with 65 cc two stroke. It is all 65 cc two strokes actually racing because they have the speed and power that the 50cc don't.

4. This was the toss up with 3 but ill put it here because you see more and more adults racing them 110cc ( pit bike) this is your auto matic no clutch bikes with three gears. Includes crf 110 ttr110 ttr 90 klx 110 and Suzuki drz110

5. 85cc this is when it actually looks like the big bikes going around up there these bikes are for 9-13 year olds but can be raced until 16. Don't let there size fool you ( close to the size of a crf 100 but the 100 maybe a little smaller.) they have monster power. It's like going going going going and it seems like it has no power or like a air cooled trail bike but then it hits the power band and its gone. It actually can go practically as fast as my 125 two stroke. All 85cc two strokes race in this class. In certain areas or certain tracks the 85s could be paired up with Hondas crf 150r but usually they aren't because the honda just kills all of the 85s.

6. Super mini this is the bored out 85ccs and honda 150rs going at it with just a tad more skill than 85 class

7. 250 like watching the 450 class. The bikes in this class are all mx 250 four strokes and all mx 125 two strokes these bikes are the same size as the 450 four strokes and 250 two strokes. Except a little less power but the guys in this class have just as much skill as most the guys in the 450 class.

8. The big the bad the 450 class this is where the best battle out mx 450 fourstrokes and 250 two strokes go head to head

... But your kid should only have to worry up to pit bike how his age is right now but I just wanted to give you an outline of what classes he could be stepping up to If he continues the sport but I would just have him keep the 65cc because even though he might prefer the 110cc pit bikes its gonna make him a way more lazy rider because correct me if I'm wrong the 65s have clutches but the 110s don't so he won't have to use the clutch and then will become lazy and have to learn the clutch concept all over again. Also like I said before it is a four stroke so he will become lazy from that to because he will rely on the engine braking instead of the tire brakes. He also will take advantage of the torque and smoothness o power which will also make him lazy. But worst of all if he is competitive he will be crying mostly every race because he will be going up against adults with tons more experience. So just have him keep the 65 and have him learn to ride it. Also once he gets older an the bikes get bigger 85cc an up the four strokes in those classes are so expensive to fix if they blow ( 150r 250f 450f) they cost twice the amount than there counter part two strokers (85,125,250) and it will be just that much harder to change back to two stroke when he's older if he's been racing fourstrokes. But if he has been racing two strokes he will transition to four strokes actually better and will race faster and more skilled. Good luck with what ever you do.

I think I'll go with a klx110. But I really wanted him on a clutch and the klx is a 3 SPD semi auto correct?i just don't know wether I should just sell the 65 and get a klx or ask him if he'd like too.

Just do some port work to broaden and soften the powerband on your sons 65. Cost you all of a couple hundred bucks. Then you have a bike with quality suspension and a smooth motor.

I have 2 cylinders for my sons SX50. One moto, one woods. Simple cyl;inder switch you would never know its the same bike.

Just do some port work to broaden and soften the powerband on your sons 65. Cost you all of a couple hundred bucks. Then you have a bike with quality suspension and a smooth motor.

I have 2 cylinders for my sons SX50. One moto, one woods. Simple cyl;inder switch you would never know its the same bike.

I think I will do that maybe. Thanks!

I think I'll go with a klx110. But I really wanted him on a clutch and the klx is a 3 SPD semi auto correct?i just don't know wether I should just sell the 65 and get a klx or ask him if he'd like too.

My sons 2011 KLX is a 4 speed semi-auto. I wanted him to have a clutch too, but like I said before I really just want him to enjoy riding and stay safe. I figure he's only just turned 8, so for the next few years the klx will suit him fine and be easy for him to grow into, and for me to maintain. I feel like it will be way easier to teach the clutch to a 10 or 11 year old than a 7 or 8 year old.

My dad was in the same boat with my younger brother (9 years old). He had been on a pw80 for about a year (his first bike coming from quads). Anyways we were debating about weather to get him a 65 because he was begging to go over the jumps I do when at the track. Well when we were picking my bike up from the shop this yz85 caught our eye. Yes it wasn't what we were looking for but the guys at the shop were willing to back off the preload and drop the forks a bit for him. When we got home he was absolutely terrified of the powerband. Not to mention he was learning the clutch at the same time. A couple weeks later and he is absolutely ripping it. It just took him some time to get used to it, each day I worked with him to get him closer and closer to the powerband, sometimes it took me getting on it to show him that its not as if you're igniting rockets when you hit it. Finally one day I wake up and he's out there ripping across the field. It took some time and some getting used to but he seems to be comfortable on it and has even come out to the track a couple times.

I think I'll keep the 65 and port the head. Just ease the hit a but for now till he gets comfortable. I am very much considering the klx tho.. I'm wondering if it would be a good choice to get him it for trails.

But if I get him it my 5 yr old will be jealous so ill have to get him more of a "race" bike then his xr50! Any suggestions there? A sx50? Cobra50?

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