Keep the xt350 or switch to wr250?

Ok here's the deal , I have a sweet xt350 , I love the bike and it fits my needs to a tee except as we all know in the dirt it does not have the suspension. I am a bigger guy at 5'9' and about 230 lbs. I ride single tracks here in Michigan and also ride it on the road to work .

My mind keeps telling me to go to a wr250 for the suspension in the woods but the xt height is about at my limit and I am worried about the wr height.

Th xt350 gives my a lot of grunt in the woods at lower gears without the need to rev the rpm's , will the wr250 fit the bill for a bigger guy?

sounds like you need to take a test ride on the wr to check it out, i would think unrestricted the wr

Would make more power than the xt350 im thinking the stock wr makes 28 hp should be light years ahead off road and thats with no mods other than throttle screw removal,

The xt has about 28 hp........ mine weighs about 168 lbs........... bathroom scales one wheel at a time..... ha.....  I think the wr250 is just a water cooled version of the xt350........... I cannot get any wr250 to drag race me..... they seem to be afraid......... ha.......... the xt mono-shock is 14 inches from eye to eye.......... upgrade the xt suspension or get the wr and dream about more power..........

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