Yz 125 blown up questions...please help

My yz 125 blew up cylinder is ruined. Where can I send the cylinder. Would it be cheaper to bore out? What's the best and cheapest route to take? Thanks for help

Send the cylinder to millenium technologies. I was in your position about a month ago, for about $220 my cylinder looked brand new. Also if your still thinking about what piston kit to get, go OEM. I have had bad luck with wiseco recently in my YZ 125. Although you are set on getting an aftermarket top end kit, i have heard good things about vertex.


EDIT: I forget to mention, get your cylinder honed to stock size. It will make life easier

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Stay stock and go with the oem piston, look into a company called powerseal to replate it. Price is fair and the work is top notch.

You will get a lot of opinions on what type piston to run .oem Cast is the best imo , i had a wiseco forged fail many years ago. Forged pistons need a loose fit they are noisy and need a critical lengthly warmup . I would purchase an oem yz cast piston then send millenium or US Chrome the parts. They will custom hone a precise fit based upon the piston you send them. I prefer US Chrome as they seem to have a slightly shorter turnaround time than millenium.

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