Yz 125 blown up questions...please help

My yz 125 blew up cylinder is ruined. Where can I send the cylinder. Would it be cheaper to bore out? What's the best and cheapest route to take? Thanks for help

Your cylinder is aluminum, and has a hard chrome or nikasil coating in the bore where the piston rides.  Even if you bore it, you will still have to replate the bore.


There are a few companies in the U.S, that do this, but I'm going blank at t is moment.  Somebody will eventually chime in with some locations of these facilities.


Depending what the charge is to replate the cylinder, it may be about the same price to buy a new cylinder from Yamaha.  I would call the dealer and get a price for a cylinder.  That way you have a base price to start with.

There's a place in Houston I use called Rat Racing.  They do it in house.  The owner is going to retire in about 6 months, and I don't know what his backlog is.


RAT Racing (Made in Texas) (409) 925-0812 5001 Hayes Rd. Alvin, TX 77511.


Be careful of companies that say they will replate your cylinder.  They may be just a middle man and send it off for you, and mark up the price.

Millennium in Wisconsin does it too. They've been around for a long time. I would def look into an Athena kit, very reasonably priced and comes complete with everything.

Powerseal does a great job. They have good prices too.

So I will need a strip,plate,hone service or what?

When I sent my yz 125 cylinder in they stripped it, honed it and replated it for about $200.

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