2014 YZ250 or 2014 YZ450F?

Ok fellas im debating on which bike to get and I know you fellas have heard it all before but any help is appreciated. To start let me tell you a little about myself. Im 20 years old im roughly 6 foot, and about 145 pounds.


I have been riding since I was 4, everything from dirtbikes to fourwheelers. now as you can see by my username I am a 2 stroke guy but I have heard good things about the new four strokes. I am mostly going to be riding woods, desert, sand dunes, and occasionally racing. Now most people have told me that since I am going to be riding in the mountains that I should probably go with a four stroke since the power is more manageable however I have rode my banshees, blasters, and rm125 in the mountains and woods with no problem.


I like the low maintenance of a two stroke but I have heard the new four strokes aren't that bad if you're not racing.

Try and ride someone's 450 before you decide. I have a 450 myself and it's a pretty fun bike. You do lose the lightweight feeling and the cheap maintain of a 2 stroke and in my case, I am unable to work on these new 4 stroke motors so it has to go to a shop anytime it's fixed but the power is very smooth and fuel injection is a very nice thing. I'm really on the fence in my situation, I do really like my 450 but I feel like a 250 or a 300 makes a better pure woods bike. 

Well im mostly going to be riding in the woods so that's what im leaning towards I just wanted a second opinion from yall since this is what yall do.

Dont waste money on a new yz250 if you choose one of them.

Buy a used YZ 250 that's clean from 06 and up, ride it for a bit and if you don't like it you can easily sell it and buy that 450 you wanted....Buying NEW bikes when you don't have a clue what you want is a fools game......

Check out the Ktm 300 2t

What do yall think of an '08 YZ450F for 3200, low hours and great condition?

What do yall think of an '08 YZ450F for 3200, low hours and great condition?

Sounds high but i dont know what bikes go for where you live. If it looks decent it would go for around 2500 here but that is sell price, not list price.

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What Monk says all he way....if you were MX then 450....but you ride everything....the yz250 featherweight wins.... Plus you are young....you have all your life to ride the 450 when you are old and lazy:p

If you're mostly riding in the woods, I'd pick a YZ250. Compared to a 450, they're lighter, have better suspension, and are easier to rebuild/mod/maintain. YZ's do kind of look a bit Y2K-ish, but they are every bit as competitive as any KTM or 4-stroke. YZ250's also have really good bottom-end torque for a smoker. Being as light as you are, the YZ will be a little stiff in the suspension department, especially in the singletrack. This can be fixed by a suspension revalve. A 450 would tear you to bits. You need a lot of strength to ride any 450 for a long period of time. The YZ250 will be a lot mellower in the trails, but still have plenty of power to scream down a straight and hammer the corners in the dunes or at the track. The 450 is certainly an easier bike to ride fast, but passing a big thumper on a smoker always makes you feel like a badass :smirk: just my two cents. pick your poison.

KTM XC 300 the perfect bike for what your doing 

KTM XC 300 the perfect bike for what your doing

That's what I thought

Ktm 300 is good but over priced vy about 1k. Gasgas ec300, or a beta 300rr is what i am looking at currently. Or a yz250x.

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