Can't kickstart husky.

Hey guys. I have an 04 sm450r. It has a kick start and I have gotten it to kick over a few times. This was all random though. No reason or technique. Is there any easy way to kick over a bike. I have read lots if forums and watched a few videos but I can't figure it out. Maybe IM just doing something wrong.

Slowly push the kick starter until you begin to feel a good amount of resistance then let off of it then kick it usually takes a few times but it should start fairly easily

I have done that several times. I have gotten it to randomly start a few times, but it wasn't like I was consistent. IM going to charge the battery tonight and see if maybe my Nike is kind of like wrs where if the bat is dead dead its very hard to kick start.

I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was not going past tdc far enough so I never really got a good fast kick. Thanks for the help!

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