KLX140L jetting setup

Setting up a Kawie KLX140L for some little dirt track events after the enduro season is over. My planned motor setup for now is a K&N clamp-on (part#R-1100) stock pb20 carb, stock internals, FMF powerbomb header and PC4 slip on. Need a good Jetting setup, and this is where I'm stuck. still stock jets for now but I've been running it stock for years. All the parts are here as well. Planning to go with a cam'piston, valves and porting over the winter. Engine will mostly be running to the middle to upper RPM range. A little help will be very well appreciated.

It is not going to run well with a pod. Use the stock air boot and open up the airbox to give you a 2" X 2" area.

No way to guess what the jetting change is going to be due to the extensive mods. However, the internal engine work tends to make the bike rich, the airbox and pipe, lean, so you may discover it is a wash.

Go with a 40 pilot and 100 main

BBR has jetting recommendations on their website that worked out for me. I sold the bike but I think I ended up with the 40 and 100 recommended by cskin. It had a pipe and opened up air box. The pipe/silencer upgrade with jetting and air box eliminated the carb hesitation that comes on the stock bike.

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Basically did the same thing as  Cuda, opening p the air box, and retting to the 40 and 100 worked out well with a Pro Circuit pipe.

Pod bad

Open air box good

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