I need help with my kx85

So ive been rebuliding my engine and i have no crank puller so i was trying to gently pound out the crankshaft and i messed up the threads and now the bolt wont thread on to the crank, the crank is in perfect condition no up and down play and now the first thread or so on the crankshaft is messed up, i cant afford a new one, how do i fix the threads PLEASE HELP im 15 and have no money

Any help opinions or ideas would be really helpful

Do you have a tap & die set?

No i dont, how much would one cost and where can i get 1

Thanks that looks like it will work, if it does it will save me from a huge loss of selling the bike in pieces

if you do have to tap on it next time thread the nut on first but a crank puller would be ideal and make sure to use rubber hammer if you do tap on it

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alright thanks ill give it a try

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