Upgraded wheel spacers?

I am about to replace my wheel bearing because both front and rear are shot. The wheel spacers are worn and grooved pretty bad. I would like to upgrade to some more durable wheel spacers. My two options are the moose/all balls ones with the steel insert and the hard anodized ones from enduro engineering. What do you guys think? the All balls ones look like they are lesser quality in terms of  machining quality but the steel insert should hold up better than the hard ano..


Any advice on what to get? 

I've had the Moose spacers in my bike for 2 years and they're still good. We ride in a lot of mud and water, and I would go through 2 sets a year with the oem's.

Msr has made for a while a beefier rear wheel bearing kit for 91 up ktm s.

it has bigger bearings, but also the aluminum collars have steel lips where it rides on seal.

They make same kind of collars for front.

Works good.

I just pulled some out of an XR with 20,000 miles  and I was surprised to see minimal wear 


they appear to just be steel


I wonder if your seal drag is more ?

I like the Moose racing  ( MSR)  better I think the hard anodized looks more  abrasive  than the finish on the MSR  ??

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Have used the EE kit too and it is good quality .




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