2000 cr 250 coolant leak

high guys, on my 250, when ever I put cooloant into it, it leaks out until right above the grate. I couldnd get a pic of my bike but I got one of google. best pic I could get. where is says 850cm about 2 inches abouve that, it looks like there a little hole where it is coming out of. just until right above the grate on the radiator. right in between the clutch cover and the little cover thing for rad fluid. I don't know if its susposed to do this or not. help me lol


it kinda looks like the hole is supposed to be there


dude move your kickstarter back a spline.

I think you are referring to the weep hole that is there to tell you that the water pump seal is leaking through the shaft. The weep hole just let's you know that it is time to replace the seals. There is an oil and water seal that should both be replaced at the same time, check the shaft of the waterpump for excessive grooving and replace if bad, check bearing for play and replace because this will cause a leak in no time. For the grooving you can play with him far you seat the seals in to try and miss the grooves and buy a little time, waterpump shafts are expensive to replace. You need to buy 2 new waterpump gaskets and right side gasket, not the small clutch cover just the large side cover gasket cause the whole side cover has to come off to repair it. Sounds scary but it is really easy to fix with a manual in hand. Also there is 2 small brass washers on the front and back side of the water pump that should be replaced. You can buy waterpump rebuild kits that come with all the seals and gaskets I think online. And pay attention to the direction that you install the seals, cup side faces towards you as they are installed, the only seals on the bike that are installed what appear backwards basically.

how much do you think it will be? and I have rebuilt 3 top ends, do you think I could do this

Hell yeah you can do it, it is easy but go to tradebit and buy a 7 dollar manual, have a look at the waterpump section and you will see what to do. Hardest part is pulling the bearing out but it is not a very tight press fit. Behind the bearing you will find the oil side seal. When you take the waterpump cover off you will see the impeller, remove that and you will see the water side seal. There is 1 brass washer under the impeller and the other brass washer is on the other end of the shaft so watch for that when you take the side cover off and replace with new ones. I used sockets to press the new seals into place, pay attention to the way the old seals are installed, use a socket that is the same diameter of the outer edge of the seals to press new seals in and do the same with the bearing. The bearing does not sit flush into the back side of the case, it sticks out a 1mm or so so don't keep forcing. The seals have a ledge that they bottom out against so no worries there unless the waterpump shaft is grooved and then you can press them almost all the way into place to hit a new spot on the shaft like I was saying.


Give me a bit and I'll upload the pages from my manual for my 96,motor is identical so procedure will be the same

Here you go, this should answer any questions you may have. Again make sure you install the seals in the proper way so that the cupped portion is facing out towards you as you press them in.

















Okay thanks for the help. I drained my oil and it was kinda milky

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