2009 KX250F Chassis + 2005-2007 KX250 Engine


I live in Missouri and have recently purchased a 2009 KX250F.  It is in immaculate condition and even the motor is flawless. Only has 15 hours on a complete rebuild by the kawasaki dealer.  However, my intention was to find a rolling chassis but I got a good deal on the whole bike.  I want to sell the engine and it even has a nice titanium Pro Circuit exhaust.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  I found a company that will modify the frame, subframe, airbox, and radiators to accept a 2005-2007 kx250 engine but they want $1,500 to do it.  I'm trying to do this on a budget and I know someone out there has done this swap before and knows what all goes into it.  If i could get some tips or instructions on what all I need to do it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

Jesse Witt.

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