Mountain Lake Virginia...

Any body ever heard of it? Ill give you a hint... Patrick Swazye.... still a no go? ok Dirty Dancing was filmed here... any way lived here for about 5 years and still havent been up there and on the way home from my sunday ride i happen to be in the area... was able to get some cool shots up on top of a rock i found that over looked the lake or atleast whats left of it... i think its slowly filling back up? couldnt tell you havent researched it just yet...2013-08-25_16-38-48_162.jpg2013-08-25_16-39-00_84.jpg2013-08-25_16-39-12_580.jpg2013-08-25_16-39-22_813.jpg2013-08-25_16-39-29_673.jpg2013-08-25_16-40-01_396.jpg2013-08-25_16-56-48_596.jpg2013-08-25_16-56-59_123.jpg2013-08-25_16-57-06_832.jpg2013-08-25_19-58-12_971.jpg

Would that be Swayze :excuseme: , not real sure .

Anyway , looks like a good spot to be

Smith Mountain Lake is awesome and so is the trip over the mountain.  All the roads out that way are awesome.  33 and 522 are lots of fun.  I'm south of Richmond but some of us make a day trip out there every once in a while.

Very cool. Did you ride those lines?

Yes swayze i spelled it wrong lol nah didnt ride the lines seeing as how it was on a steep mountain side and i have an sm lol although that would be a pretty cool ride! And its actually mountain lake right outside of blacksburg not smith mountain lake...

Great pics,  looks like a great place to visit. 

Yeh the twisty road up and down the mountain was awesome!!!

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