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Putting lights on 2008 200XC questions.

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I bought a 2008 200 XC and need to put lights on it.  I have the Trail Tech X2 torch halogen, Trail Tech 3 position headlight switch, Baja Designs Euro LED tail/brake light, brake light switch and Trail Tech AC regulator.


The XC does not have the wiring harness or regulator/rectifier of the xcw's I've had in the past.  All it has is one yellow and one white wire coming from the stator.  I don't want to ad the extra weight and expense of a new stator/DC conversion kit. I've done tons of searching for info and have answered most of my questions but I still have a couple more. 


The Trail Tech AC regulator has one yellow and one brown wire.  According to their instructions (they don't have instructions for connecting to their own X2 light for some reason) on a two output wire stator you connect both to the regulator and wire in parallel through lights etc. sort of completing the circuit through the regulator  The two outputs on the KTM are not the same though.  The white is lower output than the yellow.  They mention that you can also wire it in series and ground the brown wire from the regulator. This is what would work best for my system but then what would I do with the white output from the stator?


The other question is about the LED tail and brake lights.  They will burn out if run on AC.  I've read that you can run diodes in line to help that problem and I have also seen where you can run a rectifier to pull DC power.  If you convert the whole system to DC then you need to float the ground etc.  From the description I saw on a KTM Talk thread it looks like you can buy a AC-DC rectifier and run some DC devices like a horn or fan while leaving other power as AC without having to float the ground and convert to a DC system.  I'm wondering if I can do that for my LED tail lights. I'm not so sure about that.  I'm ready to finish wiring everything up I just need to answer these two question.


Below is the post from KTMTalk about the DC power.


For those that have a bike with no electric starter (or no DC voltage) and want DC for something like a fan, here is a way to do that. It is unregulated and floats between 8volts at idle to about 16volts at high engine speeds. Things like fans or LED blinkers don't care, but things like GPS's would want a regulator.

There is typically a yellow or a both a yellow and white wire coming out of the side case by the flywheel (left foot side). they are usually unregulated AC voltage that ranges from 10 to 18 volts AC.

they both should be going into a little control box, and a yellow comes out.
(edit: I don't have a control box on mine just the two wires.) You can power a light off of it. Don't go much above 35 or 40 watt's for the bulb. The system was not set up for a lot of output.

Alternately you can do this:
You can get a AC to DC rectifier from radio shack PN 276-1185

There is typically a yellow wire coming out of the stator, that is AC voltage. If you tap into this wire and run it to the regulator

1. On the regulator connect that tap in you did from the yellow wire AC connector (~) on the regulator.
2. Negative DC connection (-) on the regulator is to ground to your horn.
3. ground the other AC connector (~) to the frame
3. The remaining DC connector (+) will connect to your horn (or fan).

FIRST: It's not pure DC so don't run it to any sensitive electronics. It is the top hump of the AC wave at a high enough frequency that it will run DC things.
SECOND: It is not regulated. So it drifts between 8 to 18 volts depending on engine speed (18 volts at redline of the engine). But it will power a fan, light or horn. But keep any load below 2 amps.
THIRD: put a 5 amp in line fuze in the wire from your stator. (ie: the yellow input wire in the picture).




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