83 XL600r throttle problems

Hi everyone, new to this forum and happy to have found it. I just bought a 1983 xl600r that is in great shape with under 6000 original miles. Ive been riding it for about a month with no issues and then today as I was riding I shifted into fifth and I lost all throttle. The bike stalled and I pop started it and tried to use the throttle again with no success. I figured at first that I must have snapped a throttle cable but I removed the seat and the tank and they are both working fine. I am thinking that this is a fuel delivery issue and plan to crack open the carbs and see whats up, but I'd be stoked to get some advice. Also I should note that once the problem happened I could not get it to idle at all, it kicks over like it wants to go but then dies right away (and I can't give it gas because of whatever is going on). Im thinking clogged main jet? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Have you checked for spark ?

No i haven't checked for spark yet, but i figured that wouldn't be the issue as i was able to pop stay it twice, and when i try to kick start it it fires briefly and dies.


Time to solve the fuel flow issue

Had something like that happen recently on my XL250S and it ended up being that my pilot jet had fallen out. Just came loose in the carb and the bike was acting all sorts of wild. 

Im sure you'll come up with something opening up those carbs, and its never a bad idea to take off your fuel petcock and clean it as well as flushing the tank! Lucky me I picked up a 1983 XL600R too, but mine needs rebuilt (ran dry with no oil). it does have just barely over 4000 miles on it though!  :cheers:

Ive taken out the carbs and am doing a thorough clean and rebuild. Are the carbs from all of the XL years interchangeable? The reason I ask is because I happened upon this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOCDfy46mbU and it appears as though my carb is missing the screw that he removes at about 4 minutes into the video. He refers to it as the low speed mixture screw. It doesn't mention that in my manual and I certainly don't have on on my carb currently though it appears as though there is a place on both carbs for one. Just wondering (before I reassemble the carbs) if I need to get one of those from somewhere?

U should post this to the Honda 600/650 forum and the Carburation forum.

the  carbs are differenet between the 49 state version and California EPA versions.  Most likely a plugged main jet is the culprit. I rode my XR650L to church one Sunday and it ran great, then would not pull a load. Started and ran fine at idle.  Got it home and removed the carb to find a wee bit of varnish on the main jet clogging it. (I need to ride it more). 2005 XR650L 4K miles. 

A clogged main jet won't have any effect on idle. You say your primary (left) carburetor doesn't have a mixture screw?! The dual stage carb XR/XL's idle on the left carb only so there is no mixture screw on the right side carb. Are you sure you aren't looking at the factory anti tamper cap that covers the mixture screw. If the factory cap is still in place it needs to be CAREFULLY drilled to then be removed with a self tapping screw. Do yourself a favor, search YouTube for a video on removing the fuel mixture screw cap.


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