Anyone cut open a standard exhaust


Really like the stock look of the xr600 exhaust but I'm interested in a bit more of a free flowing and lighter look, has anyone cut open the standard muffler and found any thing interesting?

yes, no , just a few plates & pipes, its a mechanical baffle- no actual sound absorbing material[i.e. packing] the sound waves just get pummeled into submission via bashing around into each other, very ho hum, most std aftermarket types have a reasonably simply flow path baffle tube,  surrounded by packing in the cannister, to absorb the worst of the sound waves, actually these are very simple to make- not even expensive

we split 1 open and guttered it then welded in a piece of perforated pipe about 100mm long on the intake for the muffler and the exhaust and capped off the ends so all the gasses had to flow through the perforations (worked quite well) 

Here is quick pic to show how the stock XR650R exhaust works... couldn't tell you about the 600R.



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