shim clearance zero.

I have an 07 crf 250r and had to shim the valves a couple years back. towards the end of this season I was getting hard start conditions and sure enough my intake valve clearance is back to zero. I am already at the lowest shim size available, can I run the bike with no shims just to get me through the rest of this season before I tear it down and do a full valve job over the winter?

I would not . If you do your season will be over  and you will be needing more than just valves &seats.My buddy  shimed his 450r 07 and knew he needed a timing chain ,next ride 30min. in it blew  so  for 50 $ then to 1000+ now, and he can do the work himself. get a new head and bolt it on ready to go from us. 

no do not run without shims, You are asking for a broken valve.



Rebuild, or replace the head. I had an 07, same thing, I went with the 599$ rebuild from


ss exhaust valves with springs, seals and retainers

ti intake valves with springs, seals and retainers

re-cut exhaust valve seats

bronze exhaust guides

copper intake valve seats

minor porting




Jeff what would it cost for similar rebuild from you guys? Your customer service seems tobe second to none, I just like that recipe listed above for the crf250, once you lose the ability to rev it becomes a slug i would not want to ride.

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It needs to be done ... Now

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