Why does my cr250 keep bogging down.

I have a 2000 cr250 that ran great until I turned the bike on its side to put some JB on the left case cover as it was leaking oil there.(I did shut the fuel off). When I propped the bike back up and turned the gas back on, gas started running out of the carb overflow. I figured the float was stuck so I tapped the bowl with a hammer to loosen it up and it stopped leaking. I then hopped on the bike to ride it, as soon as i lay into the throttle it seems like the bike is starving for gas. The plug looked good and dry and If i adjusted the air screw on the carb in or out either way it would run worse. I just broke the bike in the day before and started riding it a little longer and harder that day. What the heck happened. All the seals are tight, and I installed a new air filter but it ran good with it the day before. is the float out of position or something?  Heres a video of what the bikes doing  



Tear down the carburetor. If your float was stuck, whatever was holding it there can clog jets, gunk up passages, and just make the bike run like a turd. Check your reeds as well. If one chips, the bike will run way too rich and stumble. How much oil was in the filter. If you over-oil it, it will restrict the airflow to the carb as well.

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