My first XC race coming back from two broken feet

Well took my little KTM 200 to a race near Chanute Kansas this past Sunday. What a fun track never dreamed a race in Kansas could have such varied terrain. I was wanting to see how my recovery from breaking my feet last June at a race was coming. I think I ride better than I walk now. Did have a root hang up my left foot and cause one of those screaming white flash of pain incidents but that was about it. I did manage to get a hole-shot against all those 450's on the dead engine start and run in first until I blew a grass track corner. My little 2013 200 with Rekluse does great on dead engine starts. 

Thanks to my pit crew dousing me with cold water I finished the two hour race in 95 degree temps in 4th place. Made it up to second on the only lap I did not get stuck or crash on though






Good job, nice bike. :thumbsup:



good job man what class do you race

I race senior or over fifty. This is my 35th year of motorcycle racing

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