David Pearson goes pumpkin

How does that shape the 1000? Does he team with KC and Ivan? When did he Switch? The Panaca H&H he is wearing green but riding orange. Looks like a sudden change. Mbdy have any info?

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I keep up on Chillys site, didn't read the comments though. Results show him on a kawi for round 9....

Round 9 was a one time thing for Dave Pearson and Bonanza Plumbing KTM for this season. Pearson is not competing in the National Hare and Hound series but Dean Potts (Of Bonanaza plumbing) wanted to get him out to his home town race so he funded the effort and they successfully had an all KTM podium. 

He will be on the Kawi for the Baja 1000. 



It reads "KAW" on the results posted on Chilly's site because that was the first draft that Tamara (from the AMA) sent out to everyone. I had her update it immediately after it was sent out so its correct on Moto-Tally and the AMA site now. 

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"Whenever I want to know something I turn to Chillys Enduro 360"

Except when it concerns Kendall Norman, DOH!!

(Has it been 2 yrs already?)

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