Flash Flood Racing! Panaca H&H


It was almost 90 degrees during the riders meeting... then at the bomb start it was hailing and lightning and winds... then it was a light drizzle and great conditions... then it was flash floods and sunny skys... kept going back and forth the whole race!!

i went down hard at mile 25, trying to pinch between two trees, knocked myself out, almost broke my hand (not sure whats up but it looks like a cartoon hand)... broke camera off my head, broke visor, chip in helmet, small cuts on forehead and cheek... unfortunately no video... barely got my bearings about me, hung out for a sec, couldn't straighten my bars, rode with twisted bars and no clutch and barely able to hold the bars with left hand... gingerly rode out with no sense of balance to main pit @ mile 50... got passed by a quad along the way!? thought it had to be someone working the course from that last road crossing... couple minutes later got passed by another quad!! got to the pit, got steve and brian to straighten my bars, and figured i could putt the last 25 miles like i just did and at least get a pin and a couple points...

perseverance paid off and somehow i got 1st in class (novice vet) still... by just over a minute... unbelievable... so glad i pushed through and so glad for once there wasn't anything technical on this course.... the weather made the race!

Way cool.  What bike were you riding?

Way cool.  What bike were you riding?

a friend lent me a wr450f steel frame to try.... i think i might like it if i got the suspension dialed.... great powerband...

Sounds like a nasty crash. Hope you heal up quick. Congrats on another 1st place finish!

Another great video too!

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