Fine Tuning tips after pipe and cam install

Have a 2007 xr650L.  bike was running great with power bomb header and Q4 tail pipe.  Took snorkel off, new aftermarket air filter and was jetted with fmf kit to 55 pilot and 165 main. had new needle installed too, I think its 2nd or third down from the top ring. ran great, had no problems.  just had honda install the hot cams stage 1 and it runs like shit.  they brought the jetting down to 160 on the main but still has no power mid or top end.  it just wants to fall on its face.  pulled the sprak plug out, still dark, almost like a shiny black.  Any thought or recommendations on where or what I should do with the jetting?

Ignore the plug, it means nothing.

Hot cams stage one is the wrong cam for that bike unless you plan to do nothing but hill climbs. It is a high-torque, low-rpm cam.

Also, the stock head does not really flow all that great, so putting in a cam just makes it flow worse, unless you port it.

Cam timing is typically the problem when a new cam yields poor results.

Also, hotcams is notorius for shipping cams that have not been properly 'degreed' and have the lobes in the wrong place.



I had an 06 that I got rid of a couple of years ago that had the same setup and had loads of power.  this time it sucks.  Not sure what to do.

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