Blew 1986 CR250 Shock - Rebuild Q's

Anyone know where i can find the bladder for the Gas Canister for this bike? Its not a canister integrated to the shock body, but rather separated by a hose. Normally rebuild kits come with the bladder condom.. dunno. Boggles my mind.



I blew out the rear shock on its 3rd ride.. Sadly it was the only part i didn't rebuild when i put this baby back together. I do admit to bombing a few jumps at the MX track.. Anyways the shock valve internal parts i found. Just the canister parts that i can't. I don't know if its blown or not, but might as well go for it while i'm there. Thanks for your input guys!




8793211291_ba9255c925.jpg should have addressed it then... Did the forks though..

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Ahaa.. looks like they do have it, but website asks to call "need more info". Probably to see if the bike has a remote reservoir (yes) or the integrated type that comes with the 87.


Thanks CamP.. again ; |

Well apparently Race Tech does have a bladder BUT i cant take apart the canister to confirm its length and OD... 


Anyone know how to take it apart? The manual just says replace the whole thing!


Well it holds pressure so i might just clean it, flush it and put it back together with new piston seals clips bump stop etc etc etc.



i remember it being the same as the newer shocks, just release the pressure, sink the cover down and remove the circlip.

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hmmmmmm that totally makes sense. i did not try pushing down.. I looked at the schrader valve cap and i couldn't see a Circlip. There is some good space between diameters so maybe its recessed. I will try that when i get back home from work, darn it. Good call!!

Its recessed quite a bit.. I use a blunt punch and rap it once and it usually reveals the circlip.


yes it needed hammering with a socket around the valve stem. Retaining ring comes out them check it out. Be a use it was "stuck" I just put air in the bladder with my MTB shock pump and it pushed itself out :)

Ordered the bladder from Race Tech.

Needs cleaning and then re-assembly should be easy peezy.

Thanks guys!


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