Oil Rec

I will probably run Honda GN4 and OEM filter.

Mobil 1 15W-50 and stock oil filter

I've been using Chevron Delo 400 15W40 for over 20 years and OEM filters with excellent results. I always change my oil within 400 miles (usually sooner).

I've used Honda HP-4 and GN-4 (in a pinch) and am now using Mobil 1, motorcycle specific 10-40 (Checker Auto) with either a oem filter or Fram (Checker Auto). Thinking of switching to Amsoil. Tired of my dealer constantly being out of HP-4. :) I change every 300-400 miles.

Golden Spectro Blended Synthetic 20-50

15/50 Mobil One - OEM filter

I started with Honda GN4, then Valvoline 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil 10W-40W, at 600 miles I went to Mobil 1 red cap. I am now using Mobil Synthetic MotorCycle 10/40 oil. I have been looking at getting the stainless filter @ $65 for both my bike and my sons XR400. It will save money in the long run but, with all the other bike stuff it hasn't got to the top of the list yet. I changed the oil every 100 miles or less for the first 600 miles and now every month so far or if it's a big five day ride like Thanksgiving was I changed it agian the morning I got there. November got two oil chainges. It was a 700 mile month. I have used OME filter and Fram CH6015 it is a lot cheaper(which it has been said that they are made at the same place, same filter at half the price)

I have used OME filter and Fram CH6015 it is a lot cheaper(which it has been said that they are made at the same place, same filter at half the price)

Fram is definetily not the only OEM source for Honda's filters if they're even an OEM to Honda at all. Toyo Roki in Japan is an OEM source for Honda's oil filters. Check out the following article that has some interesting things to say about various motorcycle oil filters and while I wouldn't take everything as gospel, it's still worth reading.

Honda's filter


Fram's Honda filter


once again slammed! Not, this time....not all fram filters just the CH6015. It is not like the pictures on that site. Get both and look at the (at least the ones I had side by side and that is what some of the others have said, also[yahoo group]) even the stamping numbers on the metal around the top and bottom were the same, same everything. Looks like fram didn't want to bother with at least this batch of filters. Fram is not an OEM source for filters but, the other way around. At least till fram could make it cheeper. dosn't make sence to buy from Japan and sell the same filter cheaper but, that was what the talk was pointing to, part of doing busisness fram style, I stopped buying there oil filters for my autos a year ago. use AC Delco right now. :)

Yeah, that's why you can't take everything in these articles as gospel because things do change from time to time, plus opinions can be biased or incorrect, etc, but it's worth reading. I've not seen a Fram XR650R oil filter up close, so I cannot comment on it, but I'd probably look closer at it after reading this article before I chose to use them as my sole filter choice.

What's interesting is that the Honda Accords being made in the Honda Canada plant earlier this year came with oil filters that were nearly identicle to Fram's when they were cut open.

Honda filter on right and Fram on left.


The fact that many manufacturers like Honda have more than one supplier in addition to me recalling this detail about Honda Accord filters from Honda Canada along with your finding certainly suggests that Fram may also be a supplier to some of Honda's motorcycle oil filters. Interesting!

I guess if they are the same filter where ever they come from, if the same place, same quality, I'll buy the one that costs less. :)

I have heard of a local guy in the valley here that seized his dual-sported XR650R. Upon disassembly, a collapsed Fram oil filter was found.

I bought a Fram filter for the BRP and the filter media was not glued to the end caps for about 5 pleets!!! This would have alloed most if not all of the oil to bypass the filter all together. :D :D :)

Check to see that the filter media is glued to the endcaps on ALL filters, it is a simple quality control issue that should not be comon. 30 seconds to look over the filter is sure cheaper than a screwed up engine.

I now use a K&P Stainless Steel filter (same as the Scotts) and I really like it. I clean mine every time I change oil to inspect it, and after 2 years and oil changes every 10hrs it still looks like new. One of my riding buddies cleans his once a SEASON on his YZ426F and other than collecting a bunch of friction fibers from the clutch it seems to be holding up. I do NOT recomend this practice, but it is an example of what these filters can do.

I run the stock honda filter & change it every other oil change I cant aford the stainless steel one yet. I do look at it before i install it and havent noticed any unglueing

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