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Electric Start problem in WR450F '2011

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Hello Folks...

if this post is wrong or solved please advise me.


I read in many topics the wr450F had a problem in year 2003.


I have one 2011 new bike and my starter fried ! 


even trying to use kick starter some times it stay very hard , I have to beat very strong to unlock it....is like something is locked inside the engine.


I think trying to turn on the bike using electric starter with all this weight in the engine does my starter fried !


then...2011 WR450F also with the start problem ?


has a strong motor to change the stock ?


what do to use this bike in trails where is impossible stay using the kick starter...


the bike runs in the sea level and I have installed quickshot 3, FMF powebomb and muffler, and fmf jet kit but I bought JD jetting kit to try.

my bike do not starts with the electric..and kick starter is very hard putting the pedal in vertical and locking.



thanks for directions to solve this...





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