Bike won't idle/jetting help

So my 2004 KX 85 won't idle. It runs perfectly fine, doesnt bog or anything. When I go to turn the idle screw in or out, the idle speed doesnt change. Yes, I'm sure it's the IDLE screw. So I took the carb apart, and found a 45 pilot jet (which i hear gets clogged easily). I have a full pro-circuit exhaust on the bike which was on when i bought it so i assumed that the person who owned it before me jetted it. But as i understand, when you put an aftermarket pipe on, you need to jet your carb, therefore getting a different pilot jet (correct me if im wrong). So I just need to know what to do. I know I need to clean the carb really well, but what jetting tunings? 




The idle screw is going to be the one with the spring on it. It doesn't affect any kind of fuel flow. It does however effect the slide by holding it open just enough to let the bike idle. I think the correct term for it is "Throttle stop screw". What you need to do is turn this in to the point that is holding open the slide enough to let the bike idle.

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